Ebacc Campaign: Help Save Creativity in Schools


The British and International Federation of Festivals is a leading member of the #baccforthefuture campaign team to help save creativity in schools. Please click the logo to join 28,000+ others who have joined the campaign.

As we know, the EBacc has been and is continuing to have a negative impact the uptake of creative, artistic and technical subjects in schools. We are now hearing reports of secondary schools cutting creative subjects altogether

What is the EBacc?

The Department for Education’s plans for a new English Baccalaureate or ‘EBacc’ exclude creative, artistic and technical subjects.

The new EBacc will make a minimum of seven GCSEs (and as many as nine) effectively compulsory for secondary school pupils in England.

The average number of GCSEs taken by pupils is 8.1 – the EBacc will leave little room, if any, for creative, artistic and technical subjects.

Why does this matter?

As it stands, this new EBacc has already had a harmful impact on the uptake of arts subjects at GCSE level.

According to the Government’s own figures – the Creative Industries are worth more than £87 billion a year to the UK economy. This is comparable to the financial services and construction industries.

On top of this, there is no evidence to support the selection of subjects included in the EBacc.

Show your support for creative education by signing the petition, &  writing to your MP.