Elena Cobb Star Prize

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The British Federation of Festivals, EVC Music and ABRSM have joined forces!

From 2017,  Elena Cobb Star Prize will not only include a wide selection of music by modern British composers published by Elena Cobb (EVC Music Publications Ltd). It will also feature Piano Star books 1-3 published by ABRSM in the Duet & Trios Class and Solo Class for Beginners to Intermediate levels.

There are still three classes available but the main difference is that Elena has decided to introduce a separate class for duets and trios.

We are delighted to have expanded this innovative opportunity, designed to increase participation at our member festivals. Elena Cobb is working with the Federation to help provide direct financial support for up to 10 Festivals to include three new piano classes in their 2017/18 Syllabus.

The new classes are as follows:

    1. DUET & TRIOS CLASS: Beginners to Late Intermediate, Prep Test-Gr.6 ABRSM level
    2. SOLO CLASS: Beginners to Early Intermediate Levels, Prep Test-Gr.-5 ABRSM level
    3. SOLO CLASS: Late Intermediate to Advanced Levels, Gr. 6-8 ABRSM level

Please note that ABRSM grades are used for guidance.

Click here to view the full repertoire.

The new repertoire list offers a wider variety of music by David Blackwell, Nancy Litten, Mark Tanner, Pam Wedgwood, Heather Hammond, Elena Cobb, Donald Thomson, Melanie Spanswick, Paul Birchall and Sam Wedgwood, published by EVC Music & ABRSM. Piano pieces range from traditional to Romantic, Classical, Celtic, Pop, Disco, Jazz, and Minimalist.

Please follow this link to Elena Cobb’s website for the full repertoires for each class, to watch and listen to samples of the music, and to preview pages from the books.  

Last year one of Elena’s pieces Arabia Étude-Tableau for piano was performed at Carnegie Hall and The Royal Albert Hall by young virtuoso pianists. Watch Julia Meyerding (Germany) perform at The Royal Albert Hall below:

Find the full terms and requirements for participating in the Elena Cobb Star Prize by clicking here. 

ELENA COBB: Elena Cobb Modern Day PublisherHello, my name is Elena Cobb and I am a classically trained and highly experienced pianist, teacher, composer, presenter and publisher. As a corporate friend of the Federation and a founder of the Elena Cobb Star Prize (2015), I am delighted to offer you a new and exciting list of original music written by living British composers. I am in no doubt that every tune on this list will become a hit and will find fans among students, parents, teachers, and festival organisers! My publishing company EVC Music Publications Ltd specialises in creating educational resources which aim to increase students enthusiasm and to inspire them to practise at home and to perform in concerts, festivals, and competitions. In the beginning of my career, the first performers of my music were my students and together, we became frequent guests at the local festivals and the BBC Radio where the tunes from my bestselling book Higgledy Piggledy Jazz premiered to the world in 2010. TES (The Times Educational Supplement) recommended Higgledy Piggledy Jazz series to teachers in 2011, and last year, one of my pieces, ‘Arabia Étude-Tableau’, was performed at Carnegie Hall and The Royal Albert Hall by young virtuoso pianists. In 2016, several of my books were included in the examination Syllabus of the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Repertoire List and many compositions are regularly played as choice pieces in the exams in Australia and New Zealand and often performed at festivals and competitions in the United States and Europe.