Q Who do I contact re Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Disclosures?

A Please send an email to our DBS Officer (Mark Whittaker) by clicking here

Q Do all our volunteers need DBS Disclosures?

A No – at the present time it is only volunteers who are in sole charge of vulnerable people or working one to one with the same members of vulnerable groups, once a week or for four or more days within a month who need a DBS disclosure.

Q Do all our committee members need DBS Disclosures?

A No – just Trustees of your Festival the posts should be identified in your constitution.

Q How do I find out the recommended fees and expenses for Adjudicators/Accompanists?

A They are first sent out after they have been agreed at the AGM by members.  That is in October each year.  Then they come out to your festival organiser, in paper form, with the Year Book. Fees and expenses for Federation Adjudicator members only are available to members only by contacting Festivals House – please state your name and festival on your email. Paper copies are also available on request and your festival organiser receives a form each year to request them.

Q Why are the recommended fees and expenses not downloadable from the website?

A Because they represent a private agreement between Federation Festivals and Adjudicators/Accompanists and are not for use by others.

Q What do I do if my adjudicator cancels through ill health at the last moment?

A Call the Federation office, or emergency number for help in finding a replacement.

Q Our festival takes Federation insurance – when does the insurance need to be paid? 

A The insurance offer is made in late November for the following year and there is a short window to pay. (If your festival is in November or December, you will be asked for your subscription at the same time – it is easy to confuse the 2 payments. For other festivals, at other times of the year, it is easier as your festival payment comes at the time of your festival.)

Q When do we receive our certificates?

A With your Year Book annually at the start of the year in January

Q How can we be sure what our insurance covers?

A You keep pages of the insurance paperwork – you only send back the invoice part. Details are given in those papers. If you need more information then please contact Festivals House

Q Do we need to show our policy at our venue?

A Yes, you need to display a copy of your ‘Employers Liability’ certificate (the one with your organisation’s name on it) at each of your venues. Volunteers are classed as employees and this is a compulsory insurance.

Q What do we do if we lose our certificates?

A Contact Festivals House for duplicates.

Q Is it true that a claim can be made up to 3 years following our festival?

A Yes.

Q Is it true that we have to keep the certificates for 40 years?

A Yes.