Festival Teachers Forum

Over 250,000 children and young people perform at amateur festivals each year in the UK and festival teachers are absolutely key to this success.

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Our new Festival Teachers Forum is designed to bring festival organisers, professional Adjudicators & Accompanists and festival teachers together to explore and develop opportunities to extend the work of our festivals into local schools / educational establishments.

As a registered user of the Festival Teachers Forum you will be able to:

  • Connect with the Federation’s Festival organisers, professional Adjudicators and Accompanists to share ideas, knowledge and best practice on all aspects of entering your pupils / students into festivals.
  • Be a part of our Regional¬† Network and receive invitations to attend Regional and National events including our Annual Conference.
  • Explore the possibility of extending the work of your local festival into your school / educational establishment.
  • Gain a better understanding of the “Art of Adjudication” and see if your local festival would be prepared to set up a “Meet the Adjudicator” session with other local teachers.
  • Access to the online Calendar of Festival Events.
  • Receive the latest e-newsletters and briefings for Federation members.

Please click here to access and register for the Festival Teachers Forum.