Festivals A-Z

A-Z with links to festival websites where available.



Aberdeen and North East of Scotland Music Festival

Abertawe Festival for Young Musicians

Abingdon Music Festival

Alderley Edge Festival

Aldershot and Farnborough Festival of Music and Art

All England Dance

Arboretum Festival of Dance 

Arbroath and District Musical (Competitive) Festival

Armagh Festival of Speech and Drama (City of)

Arun Young Musicians

Asia Music and Performing Arts Education

Ayrshire Music Festival

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Ballyclare Musical Festival

Ballymena Festival – Music, Speech and Dance

Banbridge Performing Arts Festival (Speech and Drama)

Bangor International Choral Festival

Bangor Speech Festival

Barnsley Youth Music and Drama Festival (formerly Co-operative Youth Music and Drama Festival)

Basildon and Canvey Island Festival of Dance

Basingstoke Music and Arts Festival

Bay Festival of Dance

Beckenham Festival

Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

Belfast Musical Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

Berkshire Music and Arts Festival

Bingley Robertshaw Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

Blackburn Festival of Speech, Music and Dance

Blackheath Music Festival

Blackpool Winter Dance Festival

Blain Merrison 

Bournemouth Music Competitions Festival

Bowdon Youth Festival

Bradley Youth Festival

Bristol Dance Eisteddfod

Bristol Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

British Lanka Festival for the Performing Arts

Bromley (Kent) Festival of Music and Speech

Bugle Dance Festival

Burnley Festival

Burton upon Trent Competitive Vocal Festival

Buxton Music, Speech and Drama Festival

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Caithness Music Festival

Camborne Music Festival

Carlisle and District Music and Drama Festival

Carrickfergus Music Festival

Chadsmoor, Hednesford and District Music Festival

Chelmsford Competitive Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

Chelmsford Festival of Performing Arts

Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts

Chesham Arts Festival

Chesterfield Competitive Festival of Music and Drama (Provisional Member)

Chichester Festival for Music, Dance and Speech

Chipping Norton Music Festival

Cleethorpes Festival of Music and Words

Coalville Choreography Festival

Colchester Festival of Music and Dance (The Rotary Club of)

Coleraine Music Festival

Colne Luther Greenwood Memorial Festival

Colsterworth Festival of Performing Arts

Corby Festival of Dance

Cork Feis Maitiu

Cornwall Music Festival

Cottingham Methodist Church Musical Festival

Coulsdon and Purley Festival

Coventry Festival of Speech and Drama

Croydon Performing Arts Festival

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Dance World Cup

Darlington Festival for Performing Arts

David Clover Festival of Singing

Derby Arts Festival

Devon Performing Arts Festival

Don Valley Festival – the Arts, Music and Drama

Dudley Festival of Music, Drama and Dance

Dulwich Music Festival

Dungannon Music and Drama Festival Association

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Ealing Festival of Music, Dance, Speech and Drama

East Grinstead Music and Arts Festival

Eastbourne Music and Arts Festival

Edinburgh Competition Festival

Eskdale Festival of the Arts

Exeter Dance Festival

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Fareham Music Festival

Fareham Stage Dance Festival

Farnham Competitive Music Festival

Fiestalonia Milenio

Fleetwood Music & Arts Festival

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Gainsborough Stage Dance Festival

Galloway Music Festival

Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians

Gibraltar Stage Dance Festival

Glasgow Music Festival

Godalming Music Festival

Gorleston St Andrew’s Competitive Festival

Gosport Music Festival

Grantham Music Festival

Gravesham Performing Arts Festival

Guernsey Eisteddfod

Guildford Festival of Dance

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Hampshire Festival of Dance

Harrogate Competitive Festival for Music, Speech and Drama

Hastings Musical Festival

Hatfield and District Music Festival

Haydn Wood Musical Festival

Hazel Grove Musical Festival

Heaton Mersey Youth Festival

Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival

Highbridge Festival of the Arts

Holmfirth Musical Festival

Holywood Music Festival

Hong Kong Schools Music Festival 

Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Hornsea Music Festival

Horsham Performers Platform

Hounslow Festival of Music, Speech and Dance

Huddersfield Mrs Sunderland Festival

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Indian Queens Festival of Music, Speech and Dance

Inverclyde Music Festival

Inverness Music Festival

Isle of Wight Music, Dance and Drama

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Jersey Eisteddfod

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Kent Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

Kettering and District Eisteddfod

Kingston upon Hull Musical Festival

Kingston upon Thames Festival of the Performing Arts

Kingswood Eisteddfod

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Leicester Festival of Music and Drama

Leigh-on-Sea Competitive Festival of Music and Drama

Leith Hill Musical Festival

Lichfield Festival of Music

Lincoln Music and Drama Festival

Lochaber Music Festival

London International Music Festival

Longwell Green Eisteddfod

Loughborough Autumn Dance Festival

Luton Festival of Dance

Lytham St Annes Festival of Performing Arts

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Maidenhead Festival of Music and Dance

Maidstone Music Festival

The Maltese Islands Festival (Provisional Member)

Mansfield Music and Drama Festival

Manx Competitive Music, Speech and Dance Festival

Marlow Festival of Music and Drama

Mary Wakefield Westmorland Festival

Mid Argyll Music Festival

Mid Bucks Performing Arts Festival

Mid Somerset Festival

Mid Sussex Competitive Music Festival

Milton Keynes Festival of the Arts for Dance, Music and Drama

Minsterley and District Eisteddfod

Mossgrove Youth Musical Festival

Music For Youth

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Nailsea Festival of Music

National Concert Band Festival

National Eisteddfod of Wales

National Harmonica League Festival

Nelson Dance Festival

Newcastle-under-Lyme Festival for Music, Speech and Drama

Newry Musical Feis

Norah Sande Award

North Cornwall Dance Festival (Provisional)

North Norfolk Festival of Performing Arts

Norfolk County Music Festival

North Devon Dance Festival

North Devon Performing Arts Festival

North Somerset Festival of Dance

North Lincolnshire Music and Drama Festival (Brigg)

Northampton Eisteddfod

Northfield Festival of Music and Speech

Northern Ireland Invitational Dance Festival

Nuneaton Festival of Arts

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Orpington Festival of Dance

Oswestry Youth Music Festival

Oundle Festival of Music and Drama

Oxford Music Festival

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Paul Watson Memorial Festival for Dance

Penistone Competitive Music Festival

Penwortham Youth Music Festival

Perform in Dumfries

Perform in Perth

Peterborough Drama Festival

Petersfield Dance Festival

Plymouth Festival (City of)

Pontefract Music Festival

Portadown Festival

Portsmouth Music Festival

Portstewart Music Festival

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Ramsbottom Music Festival

Reigate and Redhill Music and Drama Festival

Richmond upon Thames Performing Arts Festival

Rochester and North Kent Music and Drama Festival

Romford Stage Festival

Rothwell Competitive Music Festival

Royal Berkshire Festival of Dance

Royal Tunbridge Wells Dance Festival

Royal Wootton Bassett Arts Festival

Royston and North Herts Festival of Dance

Rugby Festival of Dance

Ruislip-Northwood Festival

Ryton and District Festival of Music, Speech and Dance

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St. Austell Festival of Music and Speech

Saltash Music, Speech and Drama Festival

Saltburn Music Festival

Scunthorpe Musical Festival

Selston Music Festival

Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival

Shine Festival (Provisional)

Shropshire Festival of Verse and Prose

Singapore Performing Arts Festival

Skipton Music Festival

Slough Arts Festival

South Cumbria Musical Festival

South Glamorgan Festival for Young Musicians

Southampton Festival of Music and Drama

Southampton Stage Dance Festival

Southend Musical Festival

Southport Music Festival

Springboard – Brighton and Hove Youth Performing Arts Festival

Sri Lanka Festival of Music, Dance and Speech

Sri Lanka Performers Platform

Stratford and East London Music Festival

Sudbury Festival of Performing Arts

Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts

Sussex Festival of Performing Arts

Sutton Music Festival incorporating Speech and Drama

Swansea Festival of Dance

Swindon Music Festival

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Tamworth and District Music Festival

Taunton Festival of the Arts

Thornbury Eisteddfod

Tilehurst Eisteddfod

Torbay and South West of England Festival

Tudor Rose Festival

Tunbridge Wells Arts Festival

Tynedale Music Festival

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Wadebridge Festival of Music and Speech

Wall Music Festival

Wallington Dance Festival

Wansbeck Music Festival

Wantage Music Festival

Watford Dance Festival

Watford Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

Web Theatre Drama Festival (Provisional Member)

Welwyn Hatfield Festival of Dance

Wenlock Olympian Live Arts Festival

Wensleydale Tournament of Song

West London Pianoforte Festival

West Midlands Dance Festival

Weston Festival of Music and Drama

Weymouth Dance Festival

Weymouth and Dorset Music Festival

Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts

Whitehaven Musical Festival

Whitgift International Music Competition

Wirral Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

Woking Festival of Dance

Woking Music Festival

Wolfit Festival of Drama and Verse Speaking

Woodley Festival of Music and Arts

Worcester Competitive Arts Festival

Worcester Stage Dance Festival

Workington Musical Festival

Worksop Music and Drama Festival

Worthing Music and Arts Festival

Wrekin Dance Festival

Wyre Forest Dance Festival

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