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Please click here to download the latest information leaflet explaining our work and the benefits of membership.

Adjudicator membership

For more information on how to join our Adjudicator panel please click here.

Accompanist membership

Please contact us if you want to apply and we will send you an application pack.  We usually send the pack by email, but please send your terrestrial address and telephone number for our file if you wish to make an application.

Festival membership

If you are starting, or running a festival of the amateur performing arts (music, dance, speech or any combination of these) which will provide educational feedback through the advice of Federation adjudicators then contact us for information on how to take an application forward.  NB:  we do not offer training courses in how to run a festival.

Friends membership

People who feel the festival movement makes a valuable contribution to artistic lives are welcome to apply for Friend of the Federation membership.

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