Members’ Resources

The following information is available to our current members. Please follow the section links to go to the documents. If you are a member and do not have the current password, please contact Festivals House.

Useful Resources

  • Adjudicators Undertakings List 2017
  • GDPR Guide for Festivals
  • Fundraising for Festivals Conference 2016 Presentation
  • Funding for Festivals Blog
  • Charity Model Constitution
  • Becoming a Charity Trustee
  • Data Protection Registration
  • Disclosure & Barring Service Advice for Festivals
  • Festival Insurance Cover
  • Recommended Fees & Expenses for Adjudicators & Accompanists
  • Directory for 2018: Festivals, Adjudicators, Accompanists & Friends
  • All England Dance Techniques Criteria

Regional Packs

Information useful for Regional Representatives / Deputies to use when conducting New Festival Visits.

Organising A Festival

Part I: Planning and Managing a Festival

  • Festival Organisers’ Diary
  • How to Manage Festival Entries
  • How to Programme a Festival
  • Timing Festival Classes
  • How to Steward a Festival
  • Photography and Filming at Festivals
  • Musical Theatre
  • Festival Feedback Form 2017
  • Festival Code of Best Practice
  • Investments Information Sheet for Festivals
  • Recruiting Festival Volunteers

Part II: Adjudicators and Accompanists

  • Choosing an Adjudicator
  • Engaging an Adjudicator
  • Advising Your Adjudicator
  • The Adjudicator on the Day
  • Advice to Adjudicators on Adjudicating at Festivals
  • Managing Accompanists at Festivals
  • Effective Adjudication – Code of Practice
  • Complaints About an Adjudicator – Official Procedure
  • Adjudicating at International Festivals

Part III : Legal Compliance

  • Copyright Compliance
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Gift Aid
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Online Safety Policy
  • Risk Assessment

Part IV: Child Protection

  • Child Protection Policy
  • Festival Child Protection Leaflet
  • Safe Working Practice Leaflet
  • Creating Safer Festivals Statement