Organising A Festival

The following information resources are currently available to our members:

Part I – Planning and Managing a Festival (click here to view)

Festival Organisers’ Diary (issued March 2014)

How to manage Festival Entries (issued March 2014)

How to programme a Festival (issued March 2014)

Timing Festival classes (issued March 2014)

How to steward a Festival (issued March 2014)

Photography and filming at Festivals (issued December 2014)

Musical Theatre (issued May 2013)

Festival Feedback Form 2016 (click here for online version)

Festival Code of Best Practice (issued October 2014)

Investments Information Sheet for Festivals (issued December 2015)

Recruiting Festival Volunteers (issued December 2015)

Part II – Adjudicators and Accompanists (click here to view)

Choosing an Adjudicator (issued September 2013)

Engaging an Adjudicator (issued November 2014)

Advising your Adjudicator (issued September 2013)

The Adjudicator on the day (issued September 2013)

Advice to Adjudicators on adjudicating at Festivals (issued September 2013)

Managing Accompanists at Festivals (issued December 2015)

Effective Adjudication – Code of Practice (issued May 2014)

Complaints about an Adjudicator – Official Procedure (issued November 2014)

Adjudicating at International Festivals (issued December 2015)

Part III – Legal Compliance (click here to view)

Copyright Compliance (issued December 2014)

Equal Opportunities Policy (issued March 2014)

Gift Aid (issued June 2013)

Health & Safety Policy (issued May 2014)

Online Safety Policy (issued May 2014)

Risk Assessment (issued January 2013)

Part IV – Child Protection (click here to view)

Child Protection Policy

Festival Child Protection Leaflet

Safe Working Practice Leaflet

Creating Safer Festivals Statement

 Part V – Other Resources

Fundraising for Festivals (click here to download the 2016 Conference presentation)

Funding 4 Festivals (click here for the latest Funding information for Festivals)

Charity Model Constitution (under review with the Charity Commission)

Becoming a Charity Trustee (click here for Charity Commission guidance)

Data Protection Registration (click here for self assessment questionaire)

Disclosure & Barring Service update June 2014 (available from Festivals House)

Festival Insurance Cover (available from Festivals House)

Recommended Fees & Expenses (available from Festivals House)

The latest Directory of Festivals, Adjudicators and Accompanists (available from Festivals House)