Regional Championships 2015

In September 2015 the North West Region and the Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire Region of the Federation staged their Regional Festival Championships. Both were very well supported and provided an amazing showcase of talent nominated by Festivals from across these two regions, in all 59 performers from 37 Festivals took part over the two weekends. The deserved winners are shown below:

NW Dance - Clara Burnie

YNL Speech - Julian Plunkett

NW Music - Kate de Campos

YNL Dance - Leah Darby

NW Speech - Oliver Rushton

YNL Music - Maria Marshall

A huge thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and supporters from both regions who made these events possible and in particular to:
The Adjudicators who had the onerous task of selecting our winners: Mary Powney, Alan Dean, Deborah Norris, Denise Skinner, Marie Dixon, Stephen Owen, Cynthia Carr, Stanley Roocroft, and Margaret Smith.
The official accompanists: Jane Robertson, Tim Kennedy and Stephanie Howard.
The official photographers: Photocall (Tyne & Wear) and Thomas Demol Photographie (www.thomasdemol.co.uk).
The comperes who kept us entertained throughout: Anna Meadmore, Marilynne Davis and Elizabeth Sharp.
The President of the Federation, Margaret Venables and the Chair of the Federation, Steven Roberts for presenting the prizes.