About Us

For over 100 years, The British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech (BIFF) has been supporting amateur performing arts festivals to provide performance opportunities in their local communities.

Our Festival Community 

We have nearly 250 member Festivals across the UK and abroad and together they provide millions of performance opportunities for children, young people and adults. With a focus on music, dance and speech & drama, our member Festivals offer a wide range of classes to encourage participation in the performing arts. Our member Festivals have a strong education emphasis and provide a platform to perform in front of a live audience and receive feedback from a professional adjudicator.


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Our Professional Members

We also have over 250 Adjudicator and Accompanist members who bring their knowledge, skills and professional expertise in the fields of music, dance and speech & drama. Our Adjudicator and Accompanist members provide expert feedback, guidance and teaching points to performers at our member Festivals and help to bring their performance onto the next level.

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