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We know that it is an extremely challenging time for all our members at the moment. Many festivals that were due to take place over the next few months have had to be cancelled or postponed to keep people safe. 

As always, the Federation is committed to supporting all of our members through this difficult period. We felt that it was important to continue with our Adjudicator Spotlight feature, not only to highlight our fantastic adjudicator members to our amazing festivals, but to also reinforce the message that the festival movement will pull together during this period of challenge.

17th June 2020









Eva Doroszkowska

Music Adjudicator

My first teacher was my mother who encouraged me to become an adjudicator. The beginning of her abiding love affair with the British Federation Festival System was as a piano teacher who entered her children and her students.

I quote her here “I learnt more about my trade than anything else put together”. She believed passionately in the cultural enrichment of the local community and that through performing both teacher and participants learn. It is this  which drove her to start her own music and drama festival.

Thanks to this I grew up in a festival landscape of music making. Aged 5, I was so eager to perform that the very first festival, I fell on my face in my enthusiasm to reach the stage. I even bought my beloved dog with my first prize money. Thanks to the arduous work of my mother , I witnessed first hand exactly what was involved in running a festival too and the greater sense of community it created, the encouragement it gave to participants and the pride it gave to families supporting contestants. It was my mother who shared that passion and love for making the arts live and the influence that entering festivals had on my own musical education that drove me to become an adjudacator as I learnt to conquer the art of nerves through performance and so much more.

As an adjudicator it is a joy to celebrate live art and to encourage people to improve, as a teacher there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the difference a good adjudication can make to inspiring a young artist. The best thing that ever happened to me as an adjudicator was being told by a teacher that my adjudication inspired their student to carry on when they were on the verge of quitting.

Festivals are for

F un

E ncouragement,

S upport,

T eaching,

 I nspiration,

V ariety,

A udience ,

L earning and

S haring creativity

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Jodie Clark

Dance Adjudicator

I am passionate about offering encouraging useful feedback and making every young dancer feel valued through the festival experience.

I relish the opportunity to see young dancers share their work and strive to add value to every presentation with complete attention and feedback that is both encouraging and constructive that could be used in the rehearsal studio.

I am lively, open and don't take myself too seriously! I appreciate my position and know its value having danced in the festivals as a young dancer myself. I think it is a privilege to now be in a position to offer inspiration to young performers.

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Julie McLoughlin

Speech & Drama Adjudicator

I have been a Federation adjudicator for about ten years, I also adjudicate for GoDA. I teach 20 students a week and prepare them for festivals and LAMDA exams. I must say I shall miss them in the coming weeks if that is not possible. But I am keeping busy by working with the other members of the committee of the Jersey Eisteddfod to choose poems for our own festival in November.

Living in Jersey, I am often asked how difficult it is to get work. Many people assume my travel expenses will be significant. But if I can combine festivals with visits to family and friends in the UK, then I will and that is why I say I also work out of Edinburgh and York. By booking flights well in advance or by using my Senior Railcard, I have often been told that my expenses are just as reasonable as anyone else's. The Irish festivals as particularly supportive, as they know that travel is a fundamental part of getting adjudicators and they are all so welcoming! So please remember our Irish adjudicators too.

I have been lucky enough to complete three festivals on one UK trip recently before our movements were curtailed: Inverness, a GoDA festival in Bridlington and the Harrogate Festival.

I think I might hold the record for the longest journey within the UK to a festival: Can anyone beat Jersey to Inverness?

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