Adjudicator Spotlight

We know that it is an extremely challenging time for all our members at the moment. Many festivals that were due to take place over the next few months have had to be cancelled or postponed to keep people safe. 

As always, the Federation is committed to supporting all of our members through this difficult period. We felt that it was important to continue with our Adjudicator Spotlight feature, not only to highlight our fantastic adjudicator members to our amazing festivals, but to also reinforce the message that the festival movement will pull together during this period of challenge.

6th November 2020

Caroline Tyler

Music Adjudicator

I became an adjudicator ten years ago, having recently finished performing at festivals myself, and aware of the lasting impact an adjudicator can have. I recently taught someone aged 67 how to practice a Chopin waltz; she remembered the mark and comments she’d received for it at a festival aged 14.

I’ve been a concert soloist for many years now; as well as feeling empathy for performers, it’s so satisfying to publicly acknowledge the courage performance takes. With this vulnerability in mind it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to be the kind of adjudicator I always wanted: understanding of that feeling, no matter how detailed the forthcoming commentary!

I like to demonstrate at the piano, teach general points, and speak to every person who performed whenever possible. I hope each performer walks away feeling that they have learned something, contributed something, and that they could do it again!

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Julia Dewhurst

Music Adjudicator

I’ve been on the circuit as a Vocal Adjudicator for more than 20 years and love my job. Why?  Well, here are just some of the reasons:

…..the pleasure of being able to plough back my experience as a performer and teacher in the lively and creative atmosphere of the festival

…..meeting the challenges of the exciting and ever-evolving world of Voice. Encouraging singers to be curious, to think ‘outside the box’ in evaluating and developing their own performances and to relish and explore words and language

…..building a rapport with singers of all ages from the fearless five-year-old to the often insightful and emotionally stirring performance of the octogenarian for whom singing is a vital lifeline

…..embracing the distinctive individuality of each and every festival. The commitment and dedication of those who organise and run them never ceases to amaze me. I meet some lovely people!

…..and the most recent and unexpected reward? Receiving through the post a beautiful, handmade card from a parent, thanking me for ‘my encouraging words’ and for ‘inspiring’ her little boy. I’m still smiling about that one!

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Sally Lane

Music Adjudicator

I've been involved with Festivals since first reciting a poem (about Mice) at the Mid Somerset in 1956!  My parents also took part just before the war. After a lifelong involvement, I was much cheered yesterday when a recorder student, returning to Hong Kong after 2 years here and with a place at Oxford to do maths, got his phone out and showed me a photo of us from 2015 when I made him the winner of the treble recorder class in their Festival. It really is an international movement and I know that we are all supporting each other.

Since moving from London to Shropshire in 1979 I have been lucky enough to share my life with 20 cats. Of these, I currently have 5 and the founder of the dynasty was called J.J.Quantz after Frederick the Great's legendary flute teacher and composer of the definitive book on Baroque music.   

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