Adjudicator Spotlight

We know that 2021 is continuing to be a challenging time for our members. Many festivals that were due to take place during the first half of this year have been cancelled or postponed to keep people safe.

As always, the Federation is committed to supporting all of our members through this difficult period. We felt that it was important to continue with our Adjudicator Spotlight feature, not only to highlight our fantastic adjudicator members to our amazing festivals, but to also reinforce the message that the festival movement will pull together during this period of challenge. 

March 2021

Rosie Whitfield

Music Adjudicator

My official biography says much about experience and qualifications, but what it doesn’t say is how blessed I feel to be in a profession that is so fulfilling. I thank my father, Andy Moore, for that special gift!

Brought up in Knotty Ash in Liverpool and being one of six siblings, Andy inspired a love of music and the Arts, in all six of us. Although he was an inspiration throughout my career, he was also very honest about how to develop. “Talent will only get you so far – hard work will get you to the final destination!”. However, he always finished a critique of my performances with a positive comment – and this was the resounding message.

For me, adjudicating for the Federation is such a great honour. Ensuring that performers leave the stage (or the Zoom meeting as the ‘new normal’) with a skip in their step, whilst also having a goal to work towards, is such a great joy! No matter what barriers face our profession at this time, music will always find a way.

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John Powell

Music Adjudicator

After 20 years adjudicating competitive festivals, I still find every one fascinating. For the competitors preparation is generally very demanding, and the start of the festival may be a little daunting – but once the event begins, the chance to engage with the performers, of whatever age, is invariably rewarding. I like to stretch people, and perhaps challenge them out of their comfort zones; equally I always learn a lot myself.

As well as teaching (Chetham's and the University of York), performing has always been central to my life, from BBC choirs and oratorio solos, to choral conducting and lieder recitals (not to mention singing and dancing in Hinge and Bracket TV shows).

During this period of Covid19 restrictions I have found online teaching surprisingly positive and creative; as well as live festivals, I look forward to some online adjudicating.

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Maria Jagusz

Music Adjudicator

I have so many things to thank the Federation for. As a child, my school encouraged us to take part in local music festivals. After my rendition of “The Lass With The Delicate Air” the adjudicator thought I showed promise. “Had I considered having my voice trained?". I took this remark to heart, got a Saturday job to pay for my singing lessons and began my “training“. Forty years on I have had many adventures both as a concert and opera singer.

Once I started teaching, I encouraged my students to perform in local festivals. Watching and listening to so many excellent adjudicators, I took the plunge and applied to become one myself.

I feel honoured to be part of this amazing tradition and so often hear extraordinary and moving performances from both young and old. I particularly remember a six year old Irish girl singing ‘The Sound Of Music” in a full nuns habit and a 93 year old German gentleman singing Schubert’s “Der Leiermann”, something I will never forget.

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