Festivals Council

The Festivals Council is made up of Regional Representatives who are elected by Regional Membership. Up to three Deputies may support each Regional Representative.

The Regional Representatives attend Festivals Council Meetings and Regional Forum Meetings. They are also responsible for ensuring each festival receives a Regional visit at least every three years in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and every 5 years in Scotland.

They are a local point of contact for new festivals that wish to join the Federation. They also have a wealth of knowledge and can provide support to new and existing member Festivals.

East Midlands Region

Regional Representative:   Barbara Lowe 

Regional Deputies: Paul Hill and Gwen Radcliffe

Eastern Region

Regional Representative: Carole Ward

North West Region

Regional Representative: Jackie Martindale 

Regional Deputies: Deborah Northin

Northern Region

Regional Representative: Alison Williams 

Regional Deputy: Lynda Danes

South East Region

Regional Representative: Janet Topping 

Regional Deputy: Jan Spooner Swabey

South West Region

Regional Representative: Linda Lear

Regional Deputy: Anne Keast

Southern Region

Regional Representative: Kris Taylor

Regional Deputies: Suzanne Higgins and Janice Hughes

West Midlands Region

Regional Representative: Jo Miller

Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire Region

Regional Representative: Jill Wright 

Regional Deputy: Susan Warren

Northern Ireland

Regional Representative: Audrey Stewart 

Regional Deputy: Carolyn McCabe


Regional Representative: Eileen Waterston 

Regional Deputies: Laura McEwan, Anne McGregor and Isabel Lind