Festival Details

Leicester Festival of Music and Drama


Leicester festival of Music and Drama (previously - Leicester Competitive Festival of Music and Drama) has been running for many years.

The earliest programme we can find is October 1912. Over the years it has been held at many and varied venues - some being Wyggeston Girl's School, Collegiate School, Edward Wood Hall, Adult Education Centre and finals held at the De Montfort Hall. Over the last few years and this year is to be held at Beauchamp College, Oadby.

All ages and grades are invited to take part. The Schedule gives the various classes and goes out by EMail or hard copy by post. The Schedule goes out in May for entries to be received no later than the middle of September.

Over the years a number of participants have gone on to become professional in their field and ,if teaching, have entered their pupils.

The Festival is run by volunteers and we are always looking for more people to help, so that, as the years go on the Festival will continue to run.