Festival Details

Lincoln Music and Drama Festival


Lincoln Music & Drama Festival has a reputation among adjudicators of being one of the best organised in the land with a warm atmosphere. Competition, although keen, is friendly. Also, central to our welcoming ethos, are the refreshments and lunches provided by the Church Catering Team.

The Festival is run by a band of enthusiastic and active volunteers. Committees are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Lincoln Music and Drama Festival is a charity and is reliant on income from performers’ entry fees, audience admission charges, donations, advertising and Patrons’ subscriptions. Grants have been received from Lincolnshire County Council in the past but unfortunately this is no longer the case and the Festival does not receive any grants whatsoever.

The main items of expenditure are fees, travelling expenses and accommodation for adjudicators, hire of the venue, printing and the awarding of bursaries.

The Festival is very much part of the life of the City and we are most fortunate in that the Mayor and City Sheriff have always supported us in our endeavour and attend our annual Festival Concert.

Lincoln Music & Drama Festival is not just a cultural competition: it is a warm, friendly annual reunion of those who entertain and enthral and those who come to enjoy the wealth of developing talent which the Festival attracts.

Perhaps this is the year when you would like to enter.