Festival Details

Barnsley Youth Music and Drama Festival


Since 2005 The Festival has been independently organised by a voluntary Festival Committee and gained Charitable Status in November 2006 (Charity No. 1116983). Whilst the Committee has changed slightly over the years the hard work and dedication of this group of volunteers – past and present – has enabled the Festival to continue and flourish.

At present the Festival has over 107 classes competing for over 60 trophies. All trophy winners are eligible to compete for six encouragement awards and the Drama and Music Rosebowls at a special concert on the final evening of the Festival week.

The Festival Committee strive to provide young performers with a platform where they may gain the confidence to move on to greater heights.

The continued success and expansion of the Festival is attributable to the continued support of the Co-operative, our patrons—Stephen and Jennifer Smith, past Friends of the Festival and our Festival Sponsors.