Our Members

Our members are part of a vibrant community who are passionate about the performing arts.  

Our Festivals

Our member Festivals organise amateur performing arts festivals in their local communities. These provide valuable opportunities for children, young people and adults to take part in music, dance and speech & drama performance.

With a strong educational focus,  our member Festivals help to support performers onto the next level. They are also a really fantastic opportunity to perform in front of a live audience and receive feedback from an experienced adjudicator. They are also really great fun!

If you are interesting in taking part at one of our member Festivals, find your nearest festival using our Festival Finder.



Our Adjudicators & Accompanists 

Our Adjudicators & Accompanists members are experts in their fields and come with a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge to share at our member Festivals.

With backgrounds in music, dance or speech & drama, our Adjudicator members are skilled professionals who can assess a performance, provide constructive feedback and through skilled teaching points, bring a performer on to the next level. 

Our Accompanist members are a valuable addition to any festival and the value of skilled accompaniment should not be underestimated. Their skill, expertise and knowledge of the festival environment adds value to the festival experience and helps the performers to give best possible performance.

Find out more about our Adjudicators & Accompanists using our online directory.



Adjudicator Spotlight

Our Adjudicator Spotlight allows our members a glimpse beyong the biographies our of adjudicators. 

This could be an insight into what they love most about being an adjudicator, why they decided to become an adjudicator, their favourite performer or performance, how and why they first became involved in performing arts or they can even provide '3 Fun Facts' about themselves.

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