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2019 Recommended Fees, Expenses, Terms and Conditions

This document provides the Federation's 2019 guidance on Recommended Fees, Terms and Conditions to be used engaging an Adjudicator or Accompanist.

GDPR - A Guide for Festivals

An overview of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in a festival context with steps to take to ensure your festival is GDPR compliant

Template Privacy Notice

A template for a Privacy Notice which can be used as a guide when putting together a Privacy Notice for your festival.

Investments for Festivals

A introductory guide to investments for your festival

The Festival Organiser's Diary

An overview to help plan and organise your festival year

How To Manage Festival Entries

A helpful guide to planning and managing entries to your festival

How To Steward A Festival

A useful guide to stewarding a festival including the different stewards and their role in running a successful event.

Photography & Filming at Festivals

A guide to good practice when managing photography and filming at your festival.

Recruiting Festival Volunteers

This provides a guide to recruiting volunteers to your festival and what you need to think about when doing this.

How to Programme A Festival

A handy guide of areas to consider when planning your festival programme.

Festival Code of Current Good Practice

The Federation's Code of Current Good Practice which all Federation Festivals should adhere to when operating their festivals.

Choosing an Adjudicator

Useful guidance on how to choose the right adjudicator for your festival

Engaging an Adjudicator

A useful guide on how to formally engage the services of an adjudicator at your festival.

Advising your Adjudicator

A guide to keeping your chosen adjudicator informed about your festival and any specific requirements you may have.

The Adjudicator at the Festival

A guide to working with your adjudicator during your festival sessions.

Advice to Adjudicators

A useful guidance document to advise adjudicators of key considerations when working at festivals.

Managing Accompanists at Festivals

A useful guide to working with accompanists at your festival.

Effective Adjudication - Code of Practice

The Code of Practice for all Federation adjudicators working at festivals.

Adjudicating at International Festivals

A guide to working at international festivals.

Risk Assessments

A guide to the completing risk assessments and the importance of these when planning and managing your festival.

Online Safety Policy

This is the Federation's policy on Online Safety.

Equal Opportunities Policy

This is the Federation's policy on Equal Opportunities.

2018 - List of Engagements by Federation Adjudicators and Accompanists (Undertakings List)

This document provides an overview of the engagements undertaken by Federation Adjudicators & Accompanists during the previous calendar year. This can be a helpful guide for Festival Organisers when choosing an adjudicator as they can see where adjudicators have worked previously.

Long Service Awards Nomination Form

Long Service Awards Nomination Form for Festivals to acknowledge volunteer service to the festival movement.