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Adjudicator Mark Sheet

Draft mark sheet to be used by Adjudicators at Festivals.

BIFF Logo Black

BIFF logo in black including Perform, Educate, Inspire line for those wanting to print in black and white

BIFF Logo Colour with line

The BIFF logo in full colour with the Perform, Educate, Inspire line

BIFF Brand Identity Guidelines

A document outlining how the logo, associated icons and strap-line should be used in any marketing materials.

Timing for Festival Classes - Information Sheet

Suggested timings for classes, including the guidance for the timing for Dance classes issued by All England Dance.

Adjudicating Bowed Strings

Adjudicating other instruments

Adjudicating Electronic Keyboard

Adjudicating other instruments

Advice for Festival DBS Officers

This document provides advice to festival DBS officers who are responsible for arranging DBS checks for their festival volunteers.

Who needs a DBS check?

A guide for Festival DBS officers to help them to decide which volunteers require a DBS check.

How to complete a DBS form - A Guide for Applicants

This is a guide for DBS applicants on completing the DBS form correctly and avoiding common mistakes.

Guidance for Checking DBS Forms

This is a guide for DBS officers who are checking completed DBS forms and associated ID documentation.

Policy on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

The Federation's policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders

Policy on the Handling and Storage of Information

Personalise this for your organisation and pass it on to anyone who is being DBS checked. This is to inform them of what happens to their private information and they must receive a copy of this document from you.

Recruitment Form 1: Volunteer Application Form

This must be completed by ALL who work for with you, whether or not they need a DBS check.

Recruitment Form 2: Self Certification Form

To be completed by people who require a DBS check as part of their role.

Policy on the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders

Personalise this for your festival. You need to have a policy and a copy must be passed to anyone you are DBS checking. They have a right to know what you will do if information comes back on their form and you have to make a decision whether to employ them or not. This also applies to volunteers.

Adjudicating Composition Classes

Adjudicating other instruments.

Key Insurance Information for 2020 Policy

This document provides an overview of the key elements of the insurance policy and obligations contained with it. This should be considered by festivals before purchasing the insurance cover.

2020 Recommended Fees, Expenses, Terms and Conditions for Adjudicators and Accompanists

This document provides the Federation's guidance on Recommended Fees, Terms and Conditions to be used when engaging a Federation Adjudicator or Accompanist.