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Descriptors and Criteria - Speech

These are the Descriptors and revised Criteria to be used at BIFF festivals by BIFF Speech Adjudicators when giving marks or categories.

Engaging an Adjudicator

A useful guide on how to formally engage the services of an adjudicator at your festival.

Equal Opportunities

This document outlines BIFF's policy on equal opportunities.

Festival Code of Current Good Practice

The Federation's Code of Current Good Practice which all Federation Festivals should adhere to when operating their festivals.

GDPR - A Guide for Festivals

An overview of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in a festival context with steps to take to ensure your festival is GDPR compliant

Guidance for Checking DBS Forms

This is a guide for DBS officers who are checking completed DBS forms and associated ID documentation.

Guidelines for Online/Virtual Festivals and Adjudication

Issue 3 updated 21st April 2021.

Guidelines for Recording Adjudications at Virtual Festivals

Guidelines for sharing recorded adjudications at virtual festivals.

Health & Safety Policy

This document outlines BIFF's Health & Safety Policy.

How To Manage Festival Entries

A helpful guide to planning and managing entries to your festival

How to Programme A Festival

A handy guide of areas to consider when planning your festival programme.

How To Steward A Festival

A useful guide to stewarding a festival including the different stewards and their role in running a successful event.

Insurance Product Information Document 2022

This document provides an overview of the key elements of the insurance policy and obligations contained within it. This should be considered carefully by festivals before purchasing the insurance cover.

Investments for Festivals

A introductory guide to investments for your festival

Leaflet - Festival Child Protection

Child protection information for staff and volunteers working at Federation Festival events. This leaflet provides an overview of child protection and your broad responsibilities. It is not intended to replace the need for staff and volunteers to know the relevant policies and procedures.

Leaflet - Safe Working Practice

This is an introductory leaflet to help establish the safest possible working environments for our staff and volunteers in their work with children and young people at our Festivals. We aim to protect children and young people, and to guard against misinterpretation of behaviours and/or unfounded allegations.

Long Service Awards Nomination Form

Long Service Awards Nomination Form for Festivals to acknowledge volunteer service to the festival movement.

Managing Accompanists at Festivals

A useful guide to working with accompanists at your festival.

Online Meetings & Governing Documents

Guidance and advice in relation to updating governing bodies, specifically in relation to allowing online meetings.

Online Safety Policy

This is BIFF's policy on online safety.

Photography & Filming at Festivals

A guide to good practice when managing photography and filming at your festival.

Policy on the Handling and Storage of Information

Personalise this for your organisation and pass it on to anyone who is being DBS checked. This is to inform them of what happens to their private information and they must receive a copy of this document from you.

Policy on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

The Federation's policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders

Policy on the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders

Personalise this for your festival. You need to have a policy and a copy must be passed to anyone you are DBS checking. They have a right to know what you will do if information comes back on their form and you have to make a decision whether to employ them or not. This also applies to volunteers.

Recommended Fees, Expenses and Terms & Conditions for Adjudicators and Accompanists 2022

This document provides BIFF's guidance on Recommended Fees, Terms and Conditions to be used when engaging a BIFF Adjudicator or Accompanist at a festival in 2022.

Recruiting Festival Volunteers

This document provides a guide to recruiting volunteers to your festival and what you need to think about when doing this.

Recruitment Form 1: Volunteer Application Form

This must be completed by ALL who work for with you, whether or not they need a DBS check.

Recruitment Form 2: Self Certification Form

To be completed by people who require a DBS check as part of their role.

Risk Assessments

A guide to the completing risk assessments and the importance of these when planning and managing your festival.

Sri Lanka - Recommended Fees, Terms and Conditions

This document provides our recommended Fees, Terms and Conditions for use when working at our member festivals in Sri Lanka.