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Long Service Awards Nomination Form

Long Service Awards Nomination Form for Festivals to acknowledge volunteer service to the festival movement. You can also apply and pay for a Long Service Award online at

Managing Accompanists at Festivals

A useful guide to working with accompanists at your festival.

Marketing, Recruitment & Managing Change

An introduction to festival marketing strategies. This covers identifying and reaching your audience, communication, website design and content, social media presence, press and print.

Marking Schemes - Final version for consultation

Following feedback from adjudicators and festivals over a number years, the Adjudicators Council has been working to update the BIFF Marking Schemes and are delighted to be able to share these initial proposals with you.

New BIFF marking scheme guidance

This presentation gives an overview of how to use the new BIFF marking scheme.

NNCEE - A Guide to Child Performance Licensing (2020)

The National Network for Children in Entertainment and Employment's (NNCEE) Guide to child performance licensing.

Online Meetings & Governing Documents

Guidance and advice in relation to updating governing bodies, specifically in relation to allowing online meetings.

Online Safety Policy

This is BIFF's policy on online safety.

Photography & Filming at Festivals

A guide to good practice when managing photography and filming at your festival.

Policy on the handling and storage of information

Personalise this for your organisation and pass it on to anyone who is being DBS checked. This is to inform them of what happens to their private information and they must receive a copy of this document from you.

Policy on the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders

Personalise this document for your festival. You need to have a policy and a copy must be passed to anyone you are DBS checking. They have a right to know what you will do if information comes back on their form and you have to make a decision whether to employ them or not. This also applies to volunteers.

QR Code - Descriptors and Criteria

QR code to the Descriptors and Criteria for the new marking scheme rolled out on 1st April 2024. This can be copied and pasted into festival programmes or used on festival websites as an easy way to access the Descriptors and Criteria.

Recruiting Festival Volunteers

This document provides a guide to recruiting volunteers to your festival and what you need to think about when doing this.

Recruitment Form 1: Volunteer Application Form

This must be completed by ALL who work for with you, whether or not they need a DBS check.

Recruitment Form 2: Self Certification Form

To be completed by people who require a DBS check as part of their role.

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

BIFF's policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders

Risk Assessments

A guide to the completing risk assessments and the importance of these when planning and managing your festival.

Rules & Byelaws

This document is our amended Rules & Byelaws to reflect the changes proposed in our Organisational Restructure Proposal 2024/2025. The new additions or amendments are flagged in red text.

Sri Lanka - Recommended Fees, Terms and Conditions

This document provides our recommended Fees, Terms and Conditions for use when working at our member festivals in Sri Lanka.

Template Privacy Notice

A template for a Privacy Notice which can be used as a guide when putting together a Privacy Notice for your festival.

The Adjudicator at the Festival

A guide to working with your adjudicator during your festival sessions.

Timing for Festival Classes - Information Sheet

Suggested timings for classes, including the guidance for the timing for Dance classes issued by All England Dance.

Undertakings by BIFF Adjudicators and Accompanists 2023

This is a list of BIFF festivals undertaken in 2023 as notified to us by Adjudicator and Accompanist members. Non-BIFF festivals will not appear on this list. Some members may not have adjudicated in 2023. This may be due to other professional commitments or to personal circumstances.

Volunteers & Recruitment

Presentation given an insight into who volunteers, how they volunteer, why they volunteer, how to create appealing volunteer opportunities and recruit new volunteers.

Who needs a DBS check?

A guide for Festival DBS officers to help them to decide which volunteers require a DBS check.