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Sri Lanka - Recommended Fees, Terms and Conditions

This document provides our recommended Fees, Terms and Conditions for use when working at our member festivals in Sri Lanka.

Template Privacy Notice

A template for a Privacy Notice which can be used as a guide when putting together a Privacy Notice for your festival.

The Adjudicator at the Festival

A guide to working with your adjudicator during your festival sessions.

The Festival Organiser's Diary

An overview to help plan and organise your festival year

Timing for Festival Classes - Information Sheet

Suggested timings for classes, including the guidance for the timing for Dance classes issued by All England Dance.

Undertakings List for Adjudicators and Accompanists 2021

This is a list of Federation festivals undertaken in 2021 as notified to us by Federation Adjudicators and Accompanists.

Who needs a DBS check?

A guide for Festival DBS officers to help them to decide which volunteers require a DBS check.