Festival Details

North Devon Dance Festival


As part of the International Competitive Festival Movement, the North Devon Dance Festival offers performers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to develop their talent through the feedback, advice and encouragement of a professional adjudicator. It also enables competitors to share their work with each other through the broad diversity of classes available, encouraging peer support and the enhancement of skills in a supportive, competitive environment that celebrates the effort and all levels of ability and natural talent.

The organisers strive to promote an atmosphere that is friendly and supportive to all taking part, and everyone is awarded a certificate of achievement along with a written mark and comment sheet from the adjudicator. For a small admission fee family, friends and members of the general public are all very welcome to watch any of the classes and share the success of the performers.

The festival is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers who have all been involved in the dance scene for many years in a variety of capacities.