Festival Details

Woodley Festival of Music and Arts


The Festival takes place each year in March and consists of five separate section events, Choral, Vocal, Instrumental, Pianoforte and Speech & Drama, in pursuit of our educational objective. The Festival is primarily structured around the needs of children and young people who account for over 90% of its entrants. We aim to support the performing arts by encouraging parents, friends and the public to attend our events. In addition we offer a number of classes for adult and amateur performers of any age.

The Festival sometimes organises workshops to assist artistic development, and we conclude each Festival with finale concert(s), which promote the Festival, giving entrants a more structured performance opportunity and act as a showcase for their talents.

We seek to provide an environment for performers which is supportive, encouraging, and does not expose them to feelings of failure. The Festival is competitive and has rules necessary to ensure fairness.