Arts Council England Publish 10 Year Strategy

The Arts Council Vision is that by 2030,  England will be a country in which the creativity of each of us is valued and given the chance to flourish, and where every one of us has access to a remarkable range of high-quality cultural experiences. 

Arts Council England’s Strategy for 2020-30 is built around three Outcomes and four Investment Principles.


The three Outcomes focus in turn on how people can develop personal creativity at every stage of their lives; how culture is created by and with people in their communities, and how it shapes the places in which they live, work, learn and visit; and the development of the innovative, collaborative and internationally-facing professional cultural sector that they believe will be needed over the next decade.

The first Outcome focuses on amateur and voluntary creative activity, including by children and young people. The third Outcome looks at the professional cultural sector, including those seeking to develop a career in the creative industries after they leave full-time education. The second Outcome brings the first and third Outcomes together by considering how the professional and voluntary sectors can work with each other to help shape stronger cultural provision in villages, towns and cities.

Visit the Arts Council website for more information on the Arts Council 10 Year Strategy