Festival Details

Glasgow Music Festival


Glasgow Music Festival is annual festival of music, dance, speech and drama.
Each festival provides a public platform for some 7,000 performers in a varied programme of events spanning two weeks during March. Performers have the opportunity to develop their skills using advice and encouragement given by a team of experienced adjudicators. In addition, they can benefit from observing other performances and through meeting fellow participants from across Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Although much of the Festival centres around young people, amateur performers of all ages take part. There are events for groups of almost any size and description in addition to an extensive programme for solo performance.

Performers at the Festival have wide-ranging experience and abilities. Some are ‘high flyers’ who will become professional performers with flourishing international careers. For many, however, music, dance, speech and drama will remain worthwhile interests which provide enjoyment and valuable recreation.

All tasks in the organisation and administration of Glasgow Music Festival are undertaken by a team of dedicated volunteers who work throughout the year and commit considerable amounts of time and skill. During the festival fortnight, a large number of voluntary stewards join the team. All money collected in entry fees, admission and advertising charges, and raised by the Association through membership, sponsorship and donations, is applied directly in running and promoting the Festival.