Festival Details

Croydon Performing Arts Festival


The Croydon Performing Arts Festival is open to all to perform in Western and South Asian Music, Western and South Asian Dance, and Speech and Drama. It is one of the largest performing-arts festivals in the country attracting more than 1000 performers each year.​

In the Music section, we run workshop classes for all abilities. Performers work immediately after their performance with specialist BIFF adjudicators. In recital classes, performers are given adequate performing time to show their skills from elementary levels to diploma levels in a competitive form. All performers will receive written feedback and certificates. Prizes for noteworthy performances may also be awarded in recital classes.

Speech & Drama and Dance classes retain their competitive nature, again with top-quality BIFF adjudicators, and written and verbal feedback. Our Dance section, a qualifier for the All-England Dance Competition, is usually oversubscribed.