Festival Details

Minsterley and District Eisteddfod


Traditionally an Eisteddfod is a festival of music, literature and performance. Our Eisteddfod is an opportunity for people of all ages to perform on stage whether they be singing, reciting, as a group or on their own. They do this in front of a small audience and experienced, professional adjudicators who then give help, advice and constructive criticism to improve and advance people's performance as well as building confidence.

Eisteddfods have been a national institution in Wales for as far back as the 12th century with Rhys ap Gruffydd hosting what is seen as the first at his castle in Cardigan. From the 18th century festivals developed into what is recognisable today as an Eisteddfod. Our eisteddfod began back in 1962 when the Rea Valley Choir, having been to an Eisteddfod themselves, decided to set up their own event in the village of Minsterley. The first event was held in March 1963. Over the years the Eisteddfod has brought people from the area together to celebrate music and literature. We are pleased to say that our Eisteddfod has continued, with great credit to the first committee and has survived into the 21st century and hopefully for longer still! Several family members of the founding group are still helping organise the event to this day, with numerous other individuals to make sure that each year our event goes ahead; come rain, snow or sunshine!