Maidstone Music Festival

Saturday, 27 November, 2021 to Sunday, 28 November, 2021

As a result of the restrictions brought this year by Covid19, Maidstone Music Festival will, for a second year,  not be held in its usual form at Invicta Grammar School. There is, as last year,  a revised event for performers to take part in.  Each performer will, as always, be given a written adjudication and, where appropriate, a first, second or third position in their class.
The difference will be in the fact that the performances will be recorded before the event. This is how it works:

1. Entries are made in the usual way, and when the entrant has made their video they upload it to their own private cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, YouTube etc). They retain control over who can see the video and they can delete it after adjudication.

2. The entrant updates their entry with the URL of their video, and they also upload a copy of their score  for the adjudicator to use. For the score it's the equivalent of taking a photocopy for the adjudicator to use before destroying it afterwards. It is only available to the adjudicator and festival admin user.

3. After the closing date for entries (which is now 13 November, with absolutely no entries after this point) each adjudicator logs in with their own account which allows them to view the score and watch the video of entries in their section. The adjudicator enters their comments on the performance into Play and Perform, the online entry system.

4. A formatted PDF adjudication sheet is created which can be emailed by the system to the entrant. 
Certificates will also be emailed to the entrant.

5. The URL of the video and copy of the score can be deleted after the event.

As last year, we shall not be awarding marks for  performances in competitive classes. Performances are awarded "Performance", "Merit", "Commended", "Distinction" and "Honours", with the appropriate sticker added to the certificate and there will still be a First Place and, in larger classes, Second and Third places; these placings will be given at the discretion of the examiner and announced as usual (during an online festival, the placings are listed on the website).
There are two reasons for this:
First, it will mean that the competitive element, although still present, will be slightly diminished; performers within the same award category will be seen as equal to each other, apart from the over all class winner (s).
Second, it will make adjudication much easier and more interesting; if an adjudicator doesn't have to spend time trying to decide exactly how many marks to award, then he/she can take more time for the verbal adjudication.

Closing date for entries: 
Saturday, 13 November, 2021